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Innovative Electrical Solutions LLC services Commercial, Farm, and Industrial Electricity & Electronics.

IES AG SALES is a division of Innovative Electrical Solutions, LLC. We sell and services grain dryers and Dryer Master Control Systems. We offer commercial, industrial, and on-farm electrical wiring and maintenance and specialize in PLCs & automation and offer CMC products, the leader in Hazard Montitoring (HazMon) technology.  

Innovative Electrical Solutions LLC, is a family owned and operated business with emphasis on quality and craftsmanship.  Alan Elder, a journeyman electrician, began his career as an apprentice with his Uncle as a teen.  Alan started as a residential electrician with the next stop being lineman’s school.  After doing highline work for several years, Alan moved into commercial and industrial electricity and electronics. Alan worked for several years as an industrial electrician, overseeing the electrical departments at different manufacturing facilities.  Alan is well versed in all aspects of electrical wiring and maintenance.  Alan’s passion is PLC’s and automation. 


Our technicians are all highly trained and dedicated individuals.  Are goal is to have satisfied, happy customers. All work is done to NEC standards.  As a company, safety is a top priority. Licensed and insured, we comply with all industry and OSHA standards. If you want the job done right, give us a call today.