Fuel type. Power rating. Application. You need a generator set to fit very specific criteria. And that’s why Cummins Power gives you the convenience of finding generator sets based on real-world applications and specs. Whether your business is mission critical or you just want a competitive advantage over your competitors during a power outage, backup generators can protect your bottom line. Talk to us about solutions for your business or industry. We provide top of the line Cummins Power Generation & Onan Generators to meet your needs. 

Product lines, include Cummins Power Generation, Onan, Generator Technologies and G-Drive, and are designed with state-of-the-art technologies and provide standby power, distributed power generation and auxiliary power for a wide range of needs. 

Cummins Power Generation is a worldwide provider of power generation systems, automatic transfer switches, paralleling equipment and switchgear. Furthermore, Cummins Power Generation is the only manufacturer to feature PowerCommand® pre–integrated commercial power systems. standby/emergency systems, multi–megawatt utility peaking facilities and sophisticated cogeneration applications.

Cummins power systems are not just integrated, but pre–integrated — because all of the components are designed and built to work together. The result? Smaller equipment footprints, reduced installation time and higher system reliability. That’s The Power of One™. Cummins Power Generation provides efficient, fully-integrated systems built for reliability in uncertain circumstances. We're here to keep you up and running, no matter what. 

Innovative Electrical Solutions is an authorized dealer for Cummins Onan! Whether for home, commercial or industrial business, let us find the solution that fits your needs!