The DM510 is DryerMaster's signature computerized drying control system for continuous flow grain dryers, designed to help you take the guesswork out of drying. It can be installed when you are putting up a new dryer or as a retrofit to your existing dryer. The DM510 is backed by 30 years of Dryer Master drying control experience on a full range of grain dryers worldwide - including GSI, NECO, Mathews M-C, Grainhandler, Cimbria, Law-Marot, Mega, Dorssers, Zimmerman, Sukup, Delux, Shanzer, and many more.


How it works

There are two big challenges when drying grain outdoors. First, drying conditions can change dramatically during the day (e.g. humidity, wind speed and direction, and temperature). Second, the moisture going into the dryer can also vary quite significantly. Trying to dry to a consistent target is definitely not an easy job. This is especially true during the busy periods when other tasks may take your attention away from the dryer.

The way the DM510 works may seem simple, but it is also very powerful. The DM510 is always watching the moisture of the grain going into and coming out of the dryer - to keep a complete picture of what is in the dryer at all times. This allows it to make adjustments to the discharge rate when either wetter or drier grain is loaded into the dryer. It does not have to wait to see over or under dried grain leaving the dryer before it adjusts the discharge rate.

But that is not all. The DM510 builds a unique drying model for your dryer and updates it continuously as drying conditions change. Because it knows what is going into the dryer, it can use its model to predict what should come out. If the results differ, it automatically updates its model. So, by combining real time moisture information, the drying model, and the computing power in the panel, the DM510 can figure out the very best way to dry the mix of different moistures that are in your dryer at any one time.

Finally, the DM510 is only doing one thing - watching your drying. It does not have to unload trucks, or answer phones, or anything else. The DM510 stays focused on your dryer 100% of the time.


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