Since the introduction of Sukup's first stirring machine in 1963, Sukup has been manufacturing products to make grain production more efficient for farmers. From Single to dual fan heater grain dryers to multi-stack profiles and tower dryers, Sukup has dryers available ranging in capacities from 340 bushels/hr. to 7,000 bushels/hr.


Profile Dryers

Single Fan & Heater Dryers provide the most economical choice for full-heat drying, discharging hot grain around 130°F or more.  The grain must then be cooled in a grain bin with a full floor and fan(s) providing 1/3 – ½ cfm/bu of airflow, or 12 cfm per bu/hr.  Full-heat drying combined with slow in-bin cooling, or dryeration, provides the most efficient method to dry while giving the best grain quality.

Dual Fan and Heater Grain Dryers allow you the choice of full-heat drying or heat/cool drying. Both methods are performed efficiently and economically by Sukup Grain Dryers.

Centrifugal fan dryers and multi-stack options are also available.


Tower Dryers


Sukup Tower Dryers provide fast, efficient drying for large farm operations and commercial elevators. These units are completely assembled on-site and are available in a variety of sizes from 12’ – 24’ diameter and heights from 56’ – 120‘.

Heat/cool capacities range from 1200 bushel/hour to 7000 bushel/hour with 5 point removal.

Sukup Tower Dryers feature high-quality components like stainless steel screens are available, a stainless steel grain table, top-quality blowers and burners, and easy-to-use computerized controls with self-diagnostics. 


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Grain Dryers